Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics (Upcoming September, 2018)

The emerging nutrition and health problems pose a need to offer specialized training in the area of nutrition and health in order to provide appropriate advice and services. Currently, sub-Saharan Africa needs more

trained expertise in this area to serve the diversified public health and nutritional needs. Through teaching, research and service this course will help train manpower with the capacity to deal with emerging nutrition and health issues and hence bridge the existing capacity gaps in health and nutrition programmes.

Career Opportunities

• Government ministries (including but not limited to the Ministries of Health, Agriculture, Culture and Social Services, Education)>
• Food industries (such as Kenya Bureau of Standards, Nestle Foods, Uni-Lever)>
• The United Nations and other Non-Governmental organizations (World Vision, UNICEF, OXFAM etc).>
• Academic and research institutions as researchers or trainers/instructors>
• Hotel and Tourism industries>
• Self-employment as nutrition consultants, in food industry and other related opportunities