Bachelor of Science in Public Health (Upcoming September, 2018)

Public health is an approach to health that aims to improve the health of an entire population. One major step in achieving this aim is to reduce health inequities among population groups.

The need for capacity building in the field of public health has been compounded by the continued increase in environmental hazards emanating from the rapid urbanization and industrialization due to modern technological advancement.

Worldwide, many people continue to suffer from preventable communicable diseases. The labor market demand for health practitioners over the years has not been matched with the existing training opportunities in the country and the region at large, hence ineffectively responding to conditions that affect human population and health. This course provides interdisciplinary training and develops the learner’s ability to sensitize knowledge and skills needed to address health problems among populations.

Career Opportunities

Graduates get employment in a wide range of areas including:-
• Hospitals
• Research Institutions
• Ministry of Health
• Ministry of devolution and National Planning
• Academic Institutions
• United Nations Organizations
• Health Care Insurance Organizations
• Non-Governmental Organizations