School of Health Sciences – Service Delivery Charter 

Person in charge Service rendered Requirement User Charges Time lines Statement of Commitment
Administrator/Secretary General complaints/ enquiries Specific issues. Free 1 day Customer enquiries will be responded to immediately.
Time tabling coordinator Time tabling Courses on offer



Free  1st week of the semester The departments will ensure early preparation of the teaching timetable and timely communication of the same to lecturers and students.
Lecturers Teaching Admission to the relevant course.

Filling in attendance forms.

Filling makeup forms.

University Fee Guidelines As per semester dates The departments will ensure teaching is done fully and on stipulated time.
Exam invigilation Admission to the relevant course, Clearance of University Fee and class attendance University Fee Guidelines As per University calendar Exams will be administered efficiently to avoid cheating.
Examination coordinator.


Examination results  processing Examinations results from all lecturers Free As per semester dates School examination board will meet as required by the University and moderate all examination results before presenting to University examination Board for approval.
Examination result queries Letter to the Chairman/dean

Missing marks form.



4 days


Exam related queries will be addressed objectively and feed-back will be given within stipulated time.
Attachment coordinator Forward list of students proceeding  for attachment to the Industrial Liaison Officer The group/year of students proceeding for attachment.

Clearance of University fee.

Free 1 week The attachment coordinator will forward  the list of students on time and prepare students assessment schedule.
Forward assessment schedule Attachment placement forms. Free 1 week The attachment coordinator will prepare students’ assessment schedule upon receipt of placement forms.


Issuance of recommendation/
introductory letters
Student ID and Formal request to chairman Free 2 days Letters will be written at the discretion of the chairman within the stated time-line
Clearance for graduation. Student ID./

Clearance forms from Registrar Academic

Free 1 day Chairman or representative signs the clearance form after ascertaining clearance by administrator